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Emergency Cases


24 x 7 services of Emergency, Ambulance, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Ultrasound (for pregnant females). 

Beyond hospital hours, hospital only caters to emergency patients requiring medical help at campus.



Madhav Hospital provisions the patients with an in-house Pharmacy. No more is the need to go around wandering for Pharmacy and Medical Store. Our in-house Pharmacy is equipped with all the necessary medicines and other paraphernalia that are required post-surgery, treatment, and recovery in order to ensure quick recovery of the patients.

The pharmacy is all around stacked with major and uncommon drugs and also surgical materials. Our quality control process guarantees that the medication is safe and viable. The stocking of drugs is maintained efficiently so that there is no stock-out. Since we house the greater part of the significant drugs important in the medicinal treatment, the patients, and their relatives have simple availability to the required drugs constantly, which makes us one of the best pharmacy in Behror.

When in Emergency

As a renowned multi-specialty hospital, we at Madhav Hospital pledge to keep our patient’s health at top priority and be always be present for their service and quick recovery.

24/7 service available


The most qualified, skillful and professional staff