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Emergency Cases


24 x 7 services of Emergency, Ambulance, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Ultrasound (for pregnant females). 

Beyond hospital hours, hospital only caters to emergency patients requiring medical help at campus.


Diagnostics - Lab, X-Ray, USG

Our hospital houses in-house Diagnostics for carrying out X-Rays, USG and Laboratory for testing. Everything is provided at Madhav Hospital under one roof pledging best treatment and care for patients. Madhav Hospital’s diagnostic X-ray procedures allow physicians and specialists to make accurate diagnoses and prescribe targeted treatments and therapies for a wide range of conditions, from the simple to the complex. Our radiology team performs more than 25,000 inpatient and outpatient exams every year. We specialize in advanced technologies and the latest clinical innovations in today’s changing field of medical imaging.

A scan that allows doctors to easily and safely see inside a patient’s body without using radiation. Doctors employ ultrasound imaging in diagnosing a wide variety of conditions affecting the organs and soft tissues of the body.

When in Emergency

As a renowned multi-specialty hospital, we at Madhav Hospital pledge to keep our patient’s health at top priority and be always be present for their service and quick recovery.

24/7 service available


The most qualified, skillful and professional staff