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Emergency Cases


24 x 7 services of Emergency, Ambulance, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Ultrasound (for pregnant females). 

Beyond hospital hours, hospital only caters to emergency patients requiring medical help at campus.



Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) offers specialized care and attention to New Born Babies. The NICU is fitted with advanced technology and guided by trained professionals who are available in services  round the clock for taking care of the tiniest patients. We house some of the most effective vital diagnostic and treatment facilities.

We have facilities for treating tiniest babies born preterm as well as babies having serious infections or respiratory problems. For babies with breathing problems, we have neonatal ventilator, CPAP as well as HHFNC. Strict asepsis is followed during care of babies. We also have facilities for surfactant administration, central line placement as well as exchange transfusion for severe jaundice in newborns. We have given excellent results in newborn care over the years and are committed to continue same in future.

When in Emergency

As a renowned multi-specialty hospital, we at Madhav Hospital pledge to keep our patient’s health at top priority and be always be present for their service and quick recovery.

24/7 service available


The most qualified, skillful and professional staff